Fund Overview

UCeed Haskayne Student Fund (UHSF) is a student ran and managed venture capital investment fund at the University of Calgary with a mandate to invest in early-stage companies with an initial ticket size of up to $100,000 and opportunity for follow on investment. In partnership with the Haskayne School of Business, Innovate Calgary, UCeed, and CDL-Rockies students source deals, conduct due diligence, and make final investment decisions to present to the Investment Advisory Group. Participation in UHSF provides students with the unique opportunity to obtain real world experience in the field of venture capital and work shoulder to shoulder with industry experts. 

Diversity contributes to our success with students coming from varied academic disciplines and backgrounds including MBA, graduate, and undergraduate students from all faculties including commerce, engineering, sciences, economics, and arts. Selected students receive professional oversight and coaching on the investment and due diligence process, risk and liquidity considerations, and how to manage a portfolio of investments in early stage companies.

UCeed Haskayne Student Fund will spur innovation and train the private equity leaders of tomorrow through experiential learning

Our Value

UHSF draws upon the resources at the University of Calgary, Innovate Calgary, UCeed, and the Creative Destruction Lab to provide more than just financial capital. A UHSF investment puts the intellectual assets of one of the largest research institutions in Canada at the disposal of our portfolio companies. In addition, UHSF has cultivated relationships with top-tier venture capital partners, helping our portfolio companies access the financial resources and relationships necessary to execute their business strategies and create winning companies. UHSF views itself as a facilitator and enabler, purposefully structuring its investments with the needs of subsequent and follow-on investors in mind.

Our Investment Advisory Group

  • Vincent Chahley
  • Dr. J. Ari Pandes
  • John Wilson
  • Susan Anderson
  • Alice Reimer
  • Tyson Birchall

How we work

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We’re always looking to expand our network and connect with new and innovative start-ups 

UHSF is all about taking a diverse group of our best and brightest University of Calgary students and giving them the experiences, relationships and confidence to compete on the global stage for the best jobs and opportunities. I am very confident the UHSF alumni are going to do great things in their careers.

Vincent Chahley
Chairman, UCeed Haskayne Student Fund