What We Do

Dig Deep With University of Calgary

Our team of fund associates will go above and beyond to understand your business.

Portfolio companies have access to the resources of the University of Calgary across leading departments in engineering, technology, and medicine. In addition, portfolio companies can capitalize on the UHSF's network of globally renowned subject matter experts. 

Funding the Next Big Launch

We want to help you scale faster than the velocity of money would otherwise allow. 

Comprised of a team of elite students at both the undergraduate and MBA level, the UHSF provides portfolio companies with a vast amount of business expertise from management consulting, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, medicine, law, and more. 

Connecting Technical Expertise

The UHSF operates out of the University of Calgary and connects our portfolio companies to a growing network of scientists, experienced angel investors, institutional experts and accomplished advisors within the venture capital community. 

Our Fund

The UHSF fund is looking to deploy over $1.2 million dollars and employs an evergreen structure in which realized returns are reinvested continually. This structure allows UHSF to support, nurture, and contribute to its portfolio companies through both investments and unique consulting projects.


Fund Associates


Investable Fund

How We Work


We're always on the lookout for ventures that align with our investment mandate. Our deals are sourced through our network partnerships, mentors and through referrals.


Before booking our first deep-dive, we'll investigate the businesses that we identify to ensure that there is potential for massive growth and for the fund to provide value beyond dollars invested.


It looks like there's alignment and that's fantastic. Now we want to learn about your business, the market, your vision and future financing goals.

Due Diligence

We'll leverage our networks of advisors and industry experts to help guide us through a thorough due diligence process. Working alongside prospective firms, UHSF associates aim to add value through thoughtful conversation in the hopes of de-risking the potential investment projects.

Term Sheet Review

While UHSF does not create its own term sheets, we are working with BLG Venture Clinic to review financing terms in order to assure fair investment rules and smooth exits.

Investment & Growth

Upon acceptance of terms and legal review, our investment begins. Through funds, access to an ever-expanding student alumni network and solid organizational practices we aim to support our investments as they transition through new phases and liquidity events.

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Our Network

Governed by 7 fund managers and supported by a network of fund associates, faculty, notable alumni, and venture partnerships, UHSF’s associates are gaining practical experience evaluating, executing, and exiting VC deals.

“As a University of Calgary alum myself, I am so excited about UHSF. A wildly unique opportunity for students to get exposure to the VC space and the world of innovation opportunities around them.”

—   Negin Hemati – COO, Ceres Solutions